Notifications are configured under Setup>System Administration>Notification Delivery. Configure the notification … Click the Setup tab from the Enterprise Console. This will tell PRTG how to send messages. If you want to have these notifications for all objects, under the devices section, choose Notifications. This is done Hi Everyone,I am new to working with PRTG and trying to figure out a somewhat custom notification setup.I have 2 users created, Lets call then Tech … For detailed information, see System Administration—Notification Delivery. 4. By default, PRTG sends email notifications to the PRTG admin (the email address you configured in settings). The test email I … Open PRTG Enterprise Console from your server’s desktop. Select a notification setting. In this how-to guide, you will learn how to set up notifications with the PRTG web interface so that you are notified by PRTG … Now that everything is set up, we need to tell PRTG to trigger these notifications. It is now really easy to send PRTG alerts to Microsoft Teams. Solution: Hi Robert,First, set up 2 notifications: one that sends an email (or whatever) to your Tech and one that sends an email to your Manager. 1. Using the Notification. A complete notification setup involves: Check and set up the Notification Delivery settings. Important mail notifications on — Turns on desktop notifications for emails marked as "Important" by Gmail. If delivery via email fails (due to a email server outage or for other reasons), PRTG can still notify you via your smartphone in this case as a … Below are the steps that are required to setup the communication between PRTG and PagerDuty. In the past few months, we released two blogs about PrtgAPI, a C#/PowerShell library that can be used to manage PRTG: one covered how to add multiple devices or groups programmatically to PRTG, and the other focused on several other examples of use cases.In this final blog post about PrtgAPI, we go into one last example of a way to use this very useful tool: creating notification … This section describes one of three steps to set up the notification system in PRTG. Set up of notifications via the PRTG web interface in 4 steps PRTG monitors your network 24/7/365. Under Setup>Account Settings>Notifications setup a group called ‘Email to Monitoring Users’. 2. Add State Triggers depending on your likes: Congratulations. Add an Incoming Webhook to a channel in Teams by clicking on More options, Connectors, Incoming Webhook: Copy the URL. We can click on Test to see if email notifications work. … From the sidebar menu, select Notifications, then click the + Add new notification button. In the "Desktop Notifications" section, check the box next to one of the following options: New mail notifications on — Turns on desktop notifications for all incoming emails. Note: We recommend that you always set up at least two notifications with different delivery methods for a notification trigger, for example, one email notification and one SMS notification. A receive connector needs to be configured on your Exchange server with the IP address of the PRTG server. 3. Congratulations, your PRTG can now post to Slack. In PRTG go to Setup, Account Settings, Notification Templates and Add Notification Template: Enable Send Microsoft … Check and set up several Notifications… Step 4: Setup notifications In “Notifications,” choose whether you would like to be alerted by e-mail, SMS, push notification, or some other action. Once you configure your notification delivery, you can test it by navigating to Setup, Account Settings and select Notifications. You can also opt to be notified when trap messages are received, and have these messages saved so you can analyze the incidents later.