Meaning of INTENSIVE FARMING. Extensive agriculture is a farming system that uses a small amount of labor and capital relative to the area under cultivation. Intensive farming is one of the latest techniques that results in enhanced yield and productivity. This intensification and mechanization has also been applied to the raising of livestock with billions of … Synonyms for intensive farming include monoculture, monocropping, industrial agriculture, industrial farming and intensive agriculture. Find … Extensive Farming is a farming technique, in which large farms are being cultivated, with relatively lower inputs, i.e. The basic methodology of intensive farming is to meet the food demand and prevent or overcome any shortages. In this process, livestock is kept indoors and excessive usage of fertilizers is being done on a small piece of land. Intensive farming is an agricultural intensification and mechanization system that aims to maximize yields from available land through various means, such as heavy use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. capital and labor. Intensive farming can be non-industrial, in which human labor is still a significant factor in achieving high yields, or industrial, meaning operations that are largely mechanized. Information and translations of INTENSIVE FARMING in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Advantages of Intensive Farming. Subsistence agriculture is the type of farming in which crops grown are consumed by the grower and … Crop yields in extensive agriculture … Synonyms (Other Words) for Intensive farming & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for Intensive farming. Meaning: Intensive Farming refers to an agricultural system, wherein there is high level use of labor and capital, in comparison to the land area. High crop yield; One of the main rewards of intensive farming is the production of high crop yields. What does INTENSIVE FARMING mean? intensive purposes or intents and purposes? In intensive farming there will be heavy usage of technologies such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers when compared to land area. Because of its prevalence within North America, industrial intensive farming will be the focus of this article. Intensive Farming Law and Legal Definition Intensive farming is a form of agriculture in which high inputs of capital and labor are made for production. Intensive definition is - of, relating to, or marked by intensity or intensification: such as. Agricultural products such as meat, eggs, milk, fish, and cereals are highly demanded in the contemporary world’s food markets such as restaurants and supermarkets. Definition of INTENSIVE FARMING in the dictionary. How to use intensive in a sentence. In intensive subsistence agriculture, the farmer cultivates a small plot of land using simple tools and more labour. Meaning: Intensive farming is a type of agriculture, arable farming and animal husbandry, with a higher level of input and production per square unit of agricultural land area.