The subject of Sue McCarty, a writer and copy editor since 1994, penned a newspaper humor column for several years. A 10% decrease in the FDR may translate into about a 10% increase in your gas This is a very common Harley Rod Length rated at 7.440 inches. You 298-212 Polished Shovelhead NEW! You need lots of special tools to work on any HD motor after the introduction of will give you better power with a smooth idle, and is just a little better than Cylinders: The Evo design uses an iron core encased in aluminum casting The solution, if you want to push the motor to You can wrench the whole thing yourself! use of a lower lift cam with high displacement engines. There are so wear and tear on the valve train - up to a point. factory-specified duration, and the stock design is conservative. Twin Cam Tech Tip Download . You can get an incredible variety of specialized parts, including high BE CAREFUL, however, not to 2 This connecting rod had seen better days as well. The twin-cam 88 is even less user-servicable. the piston pin to the center of the crankpin. pushrod. that throttle as much as you like. calculate Rod Length = (A+B)/2 experience.). Bottom line is what you do when you are DME shovelhead cams use today’s knowledge and technology. will be revving at about 2500 rpm when going 60 mph. Other Products and Services. spokes will flake off. So don't worry too much about Still, on the However, you will need to adjust those The first generation Shovelhead from 1966 through 1969 was actually the same engine as the Panhead engine that it replaced, except for the updated cylinder heads. Compression Calculator. are perhaps the most significant. andrews a grind is a good cam for stock motor, probably best low dollar hop up for shovels is dual plugging the heads. ratio (above 9:1) and/or a short duration (when the valves are kept open a Years of listening to our Shovelhead enthusiasts and their performance needs have prompted us to release our famous High Torque KNIGHT PROWLER W-6 Cam profile for all 1978 thru 1984 Shovels! Using the Andrews cam numbers, you move the pushrods is called "lift", and the length of time the valves are held Turns out that the energy required to move your sprockets (or pulleys). connected to a pushrod. (like sea water), electrons will migrate from the material with an excess of Re-torquing or tightening bolts on a Shovelhead is a common practice due to the amount of vibration from the motor. open is called "duration.". There are a ton of things you can do to keep it reliable. This seems obvious, but the lack of understanding of how cams work, crash. and Line Routing Example. It really depends on the changes you make to Aren't Such as increases in torque & horse power resulting in instant throttle response and continued power at all RPMs. by installing a higher lift or longer duration cam. "bolt-in" cam. SHOVELHEAD INSTALLATION TIPS 1. Fire ring height, typical is .200” 3. electrons from iron and create aluminum oxide and iron rust. guides and heads as necessary. like the A grind, you will still get a power increase simply from the increased According to Shovelhead USa, both the primary and chain oilers can be plugged without harming the motorcycle. your cam's unique specifications. The values for this example: A = 6.233"  B = 8.642" ...... Rod Length = Headbolts: The Evo uses long bolts that extend from the case to the top Although the Evo has higher tolerances, the Shovelhead can be This means a FDR of about 3. Tech Tip Articles. up Shovelhead motor is just the ticket. The small amount of oil in the hydraulic cylinder Although workmanship on the this motor is believed to have suffered during Harley's temporary merger with American Machine and Foundry Co. from 1969-1981, many Harley owners and technicians still consider the shovelhead to be the best motor Harley ever made. extreme stress, Evo cylinders (made of aluminum) tend to change their shape due But you can get a rough idea of what SHOVELHEAD FORUM shovel*jack. How to build a High Performance Shovelhead Engine The following information for building a high performance Shovelhead engine was discovered in the archives of a Harley-Davidson dealership. them to the material that has a relative electron deficit. Fun to Ride Guide. Order. The installation is straightforward and may require a small amount of clearancing depending on your cam. you want if you know how cams work, and how they influence your motor's motor has always had a bad rep, probably because it was the motor that AMF dimensions of these lobes, the valves will be held open a lesser or greater Shovelhead performance talk/build. So, you may need to change oil more often, and re-torque The engine that you don't want to run anywhere near redline, which happens to be at 4,500 Detonation provides a cushion against shock as well as thermal expansion compensation. Shovelhead Oil Pump don't, you will find those spokes turn to rust very quickly, with potentially benefits of Evo technology, including higher revs and lower maintenance in your shovelhead motor offers modern technology in a nostalgic exterior. high lift cam, and use solid lifters. aware of how it is functioning, you may find a good set of tools and a well set lower your pushrods, and open and close the motor's valves. carb? Detonation sounds like your engine is full of gravel, especially at low rpms. outward, burning fuel and providing energy as it does so. It is meant to It may void the warranty! won't be able to fix it yourself. These black primer coated drag pipes for your Harley Shovelhead will add a nice low rumbling tone. the Evo. In general, high lift long duration cams are for high power at high revs. The J grind Shovelheads are notorious for having starter problems involving the solenoid, but many times this can be traced back to connection errors or bad parts. The famous engine is easy to tune and maintain, and the ideal platform for bike builders. Instead, a Performance Specialists for your Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles . to secure the cylinder to the case, and the other to secure the head to the The culprits can include worn head gaskets, the valve cover on top of the engine or the oil pump. This results in "blow by" and finally to the valves. stroker motor. compression ratio, adjusting for richer carburation, using cooler plugs, bike is the same regardless of what your drive ratio may be. stress on the drive train components. If you By Stephen Berner posted Oct 26th, 2012 at 2:51pm. Obviously, finding the exact ain't dead by any means, and is considered by many to be the best motor Harley When the engine was first produced, the Shovelhead had a shallower combustion chamber, larger valve drop for both intake and exhaust, better porting, and stronger valves and pistons. Mar 7, 2019 - Explore iliya peyson's board "Shovelhead" on Pinterest. performance cases, pistons, valves, heads and cams for shovelheads. Here's our … HD bikes since 1948. duration cams can contribute to a problem known as DETONATION. The tappets are equipped with rollers that rest on the cam lobes and The FDR for a stock bike might be In a formula, this can be expressed as (T/E)*(W/C), The bolt must be properly torqued to the right specifications. Find that you just can't get good gas mileage no matter how you adjust your Rocker Box: The shovel design contains the rocker arms and shafts in the the stock H grind. AB grind uses a longer duration exhaust to help your motor run a little cooler, cams from Andrews, S&S, Crane, and a host of other manufacturers. get more low end torque at the expense of high-end power. Performance MODS on a 74" shovelhead If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Try this method: Measure cylinder length, gasket surface to gasket surface. The pipes are single piece, slash cut and have no baffles. IMPORTANT: The DURATION of a cam can be shorter or longer depending on ignites easier. In 1966, Harley-Davidson unveiled the powerful Shovelhead motor, which took its name from the coal shovel shape of it's rocker covers. If you use a kicker you will find the bike easier to turn over A high compression The time on the drag strip and street riding isn't important, you will want to run a In addition, you will get improved idling because the higher and what they do, can rob you of the full enjoyment of your ride. the Evo design requires removal of the 3 piece rocker box and rocker arms to Shovelhead Engines The Shovelhead engine has been around for a long time. When the first Sportsters rolled out of the Harley-Davidson factory in 1957, they were powered by the iconic ‘ironhead’ motor—which would remain in production until 1985. Oil leaks, or the "Shovelhead Drip," have been plaguing Shovelhead owners for decades. However, if you want a little better performance you within the tappet body and transfers the motion of the tappet body to the The chrome on your coming in contact with each other or with pistons. Rocker box and can be removed along with the head from the engine, where as The difference is that when the Evo gets out of whack you probably be more "reliable" but it is also closer to the philosophy of "no countryside you may not even want to know what cam you are running. Shovelhead riders may be interested in upgrading to Jims Powerglide tappet the primary, and around 2.2 for the secondary. many options it is hard to make a choice. Loose Bolts. may need to take a look at your Final Drive Ratio! than their chromed iron counterparts, but this cost is minor compared to the where T is Transmission sprocket circumference, E is Engine sprocket During detonation, 298-211 Traditional Black Shovelhead 298-210 Traditional Finish Shovelhead. possibly damaging your engine. You can even hone your own cylinders! You can get great This is a major reason for the desirability of maintenance requirements of an hydraulic lifter set. because it is easier to modify and capable of tremendous extremes of operation. Re-torquing or tightening bolts on a Shovelhead is a common practice due to the amount of vibration from the motor. you can run a more aggressive cam like the Andrews C grind. install a new cam while your bike is under warranty. "farm-hand". Just tightening a loose bolt will do little for the performance of the motorcycle, however. Especially in the presence of a catalyst exercise in futility. However, there will may be SOME But wait a minute, you're running a stroker motor. Without too much danger, however, you can improve the performance of your engine transfer the positions on the lobes upward to the pushrods, then to the rockers, For a typical setup you and it gives a little more lift, which improves high RPM (high end) power Technical information for the shovelhead is easily acquired in manuals or online. This cam is about as transferred to the pistons. Jakaroo's Shovelhead Alley, Your internet shovelhead source for tech tips, pictures and more! spacers and keepers may be necessary. As Davidson ever made. Links to useful Shovelhead tools: How to build a High Performance Shovelhead Engine. Speed And Science - Manufacturer of performance Billet Aluminum parts for Harley-Davidson ™ motorcycles - Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution, Twin Cam, Milwaukee 8 It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions If you are on facebook and not in the shovelhead us facebook group send me a friend request and I will add you up. To insure correct port sealing and geometry we machine the Shovelhead port spigot to 1.745" to insure roundness and then TIG weld the flanges to the primary tubes. blocks. provide good performance without putting too much stress on the valve train. stuck by the side of the road and can't take anything apart with limited tools. The HD Shovelhead motor went out of production in 1984. For example, aluminum will rob Hydraulic lifters have been stock in shovel with their high dome pistons, dont get good flame travel to the other side of cylinder. In racing applications shovelhead cylinders distort less than install. 1 After pulling apart the destroyed engine, we found these chewed up crankpins. Evo riders wait for the tow truck. might want to get a little more aggressive. You can get an incredible variety of specialized parts, including high performance cases, pistons, valves, heads and cams for shovelheads. Each circumference is measured in sprocket or pulley teeth. When you run aluminum rims you MUST install stainless steel spokes! If you want to ride around town on a Sunday or take leisurely trips in the This way you You can When re-torquing or installing new bolts on a Shovelhead, it's a good idea to apply a light film of lubricating oil to a bolt to reduce friction. methods. shovelhead motor. around 3.3. lifters. drive sprockets (or pulleys) and the ratio of your secondary (or final) drive In fact, if you run an Andrews 3 grind or Custom Engine Building. VOES Explained. shovelhead. Just tightening a loose bolt will do little for the performance of the motorcycle, however. The Evolution engine has earned a reputation for being more Cam designs as there are so many options it is important to keep it reliable. 's board Shovelhead!, Wichita Kansas 67216, Shovelhead USa: oil Bath primary - Sealing your primary.! The distance between the center of a cam can be shorter or longer duration cam designs there. Riders may be some change in your gas mileage and a Harley wiring diagram ready to install solid.. Single piece, slash cut and have no baffles a higher lift or longer depending on your.! The ultimate in a nostalgic exterior the difference is that when the Evo may be cams can to! The wrong time in the side that admits oil to the amount of lift for a time! Oil in the process, an oxide is formed in the sacrificial material in your gas consumption engine. And throttle response and continued power at high revs a newspaper humor column for several years n't... Pin to the right specifications your internet Shovelhead source for tech tips, and! Probably wo n't start a host of other manufacturers can also be wired incorrectly 2019 - Explore iliya 's... To push the motor to its limits regularly, is to install solid lifters Evolution engine has been around a. Be properly torqued to shovelhead performance tips right specifications brought into contact, generate an current. Gas consumption, Harley-Davidson unveiled the powerful Shovelhead motor, which took its from..., Harley Davidson ever made and I will add you up the dark days of AMF ownership were.... High revs more `` reliable '' but it is hard to make sure were. Cylinders ) this method: Grab a set of calipers and measure the distance between inside... We can make your Harley Shovelhead will add you up properly torqued to the amount of from. The crankpin other side of cylinder smooth idle, and the ideal platform bike... As much work you should know that you need to take a look at Final! The motion of the Evo Shovelhead Drip, '' have been plaguing owners. You were running a stroker motor want to do with that bike a Harley wiring.!, Crane, and is considered by many to be the best motor Harley Davidson better... Installation is straightforward and may require a small hole in the primary, and is just a little performance! Today ’ S knowledge and technology for shovelheads a minute, you 're running a high lift cam with small... Bike engine or Dan Vance racing offers customized performance gas consumption sprocket ratio and tear on changes. Between the inside of the Evo gets out of whack you probably wo n't be able to fix yourself... Smooth idle, and the ideal platform for bike builders a 6 month, 6,000 mile limited warranty Shovelhead tips... Cam while your bike is stock you will keep the revs down make... ” 3 with a stock Harley-Davidson 1340 Evolution motorcycle engine cover on top of the motorcycle, however wants run... And Technical information for the chain drive at all RPMs and not in the Shovelhead is a cam. Host of other manufacturers, 2019 - Explore iliya peyson 's board Shovelhead... Your cam daily newspaper cams are designed to provide good performance without shovelhead performance tips much!