He is also disrespectful because he slapped Sarabi across the face making her fall to the ground and be unconscious for a few moments until Simba foes ...more. 15 Most Evil Disney Villains (& The Worst Thing They Did) 15 Gaston: Bringing A Mob To Kill The Beast. Puppies wouldn't provide much of a pelt. Ten Reasons Chernabog deserves #11. They waged fierce battles with Zeus and co., having been the resident gods before the Olympians. His eyes burn a hole through your soul7. He exudes charisma, intelligence, and evil in equal measure. Also, this guy commits atrocities that even Maleficent wouldn't dare attempt. He is just as bad as Adolf Hitler! Jafar basically kidnaps people and forces them to risk their lives for him. Which Disney Villain is the Most Evil? He always is greedy. He is based of the god of evil and death4. It’s not a righteous mission to protect the townsfolk from this menace, it’s just a jealous rage on his part. Facilier is my number 1. John Hurt did an epic job of emphasising just how evil this guy really is. After... 14 Stromboli: Locking Pinnochio In A Cage. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Plus, they're puppies, so hey, if you have a problem with my decision, you and your heart of stone can go. He looks like a devil to me but too bad he thinks that his power cannot die but he is wrong; he died all right. In Toy Story 3, the devious Lotso (Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear) is responsible for one of the very worst. If he ever met Scar, or Frolo, he'll probably rip out their eyeballs and eat them, before drinking their blood, murdering their families, and hanging their corpses as decorations. He sends Aladdin to who KNOWS where, and then he tears the Sultan's palace apart. But yeah in all reality he actually wants to cause chaos and weirdness to the world just for the fun of it! By far the best in my opinion. But if you're evil and have a conscience...I mean I just don't see the fun n that. Also, the rest of her body is purple, people come on, the color represents creativity and magic. "-Hades. She puts a hit out on her 13-year-old step-daughter because she thinks the girl is prettier than she is. Poor Unfortunate Souls is No. Edgar Balthazar is certainly one of the evilest villains in Disney history, and that is because he abuses his position of power and trust and hurts the Duchess in the cruelest of ways. He fools a sultan, which essentially translates into fooling the whole land. She even broke the slipper right before cinderella would try it on. YIKES. Often … She showed her truly evil streak when she tried to kill the little mermaid using her newest gadget, King Triton's trident. The Queen is a petty sociopath with magic. Raises an army of undead warriors and tells them to destroy everything in their path. He is feared by the entire Disney multiverse, as his very existence poses a threat to them. I mean sure Scar killed his own brother and Maleficent can turn herself into a dragon but Frollo has one thing they don't a conscience. Updated on December 18th, by Matthew Wilkinson: While the Disney heroes often get all the plaudits within a movie, it is often the villains that carry them and help to make them more interesting in comparison to others. There is no villain more wretched, more evil, more inspiring than Maleficent.". Gothel is very, very old, having survived to an incredible age by using the healing magic of a mystical flower. Hunchback Of Notre Dame is an overlooked masterpiece. Can't get any more evil than that. While Chernabog is just the version of the devil for Disney, Frollo is a HUMAN and has done things nealy as bad as the devil. Scar "The Lion King" 4. From his perspective, Peter Pan is the villain here: he did see to it that Hook’s hand was eaten by that persistent crocodile, after all. Hades is the most hilarious, most short- tempered, and the fastest talking villain EVER! There's a flaw in her plan. I know many more Disney villains have more flair... but when it comes to actual evil, Shan-Yu is one of the few monsters who approaches Frollo's level of evil. 2 and Be Prepared is No.3. An intriguing question posed to me in another forum: Who is the worst Disney villain? It's one of the cruelest acts that any Disney villain commits, as they're simply innocent creatures who don't know how to fend for themselves in the wild. It's a very evil moment that left viewers stunned, as he killed one of the most popular characters from the movie. He scares with style. Turning oneself into a gigantic dragon and getting the job done yourself is something … Poaching is a legitimate thing. They can be a difficult group to hate (however dastardly their deeds may be) because they’re just so enthralling to watch. She was so obsessed with the way she looked that she tried to kill Snow White twice. She is a cruel and calculating villain… WHY ISN'T HE HIGHER? You may remember some of the most famous Disney baddies such as Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Scar from The Lion King, and … That makes McLeach one of the 9 darkest and most evil Disney Villains ever, while the others are Frollo, Sykes, Judge Doom, Scar, Maleficent, The Horned King, The Coachman and Chernabog. The Evil Queen ©Disney . But Maleficent of SLEEPING BEAUTY (and MALEFICENT) fame probably uses her powers in the best, most evil way. Next up, we have another of the most infamous villains in all of Disney, even if he is simply named Man. Anyway, she's not a nice lady. Although she doesn't possess any powers herself she has a whole book of evil spells. This guy is like the greatest Disney villain of all time. She is an evil enchantress who can cast spells turn herself into a whirling cyclone build a wall of thorns and turn into a fire breathing Dragon with and I quote "all the powers of hell" and she is afterall a fairy so she could actually somewhere underneath all her evil ways have some what of a conscience. Frollo is my number 1 Disney villain and he always will be. This musical stage production features Hades on a quest to get more evil in the Underworld by summoning up Disney's most powerful villains so he can keep his job. Whether they’re animals, humans, witches, warlocks, or demons, most of them share one thing in common: they’re just so charismatic. Also, he's insane. I like him too. Ursula! They was looking so hard for ya, and now... they're gonna find ya! Mirror mirror on the wall, tell us who is the badest of them all… 10: The Coachman (Pinocchio) – The coachman is creepy, a real … Despite my early intentions, I simply had to put Ursula on here. No probably. Don't forget in the sequel where she gets ahold of the magic wand and casts a spell where the prince doesn't reemember Cinderella just for selfish reason. THANK HEAVENS EUGENE CUT THAT HAIR! Even if you’ve never seen Tangled and are unfamiliar with the story of Rapunzel, you probably know the basics: a beautiful princess is trapped in a tower, awaiting a bold and handsome princess to climb up her long and luxurious hair to release her. Gaston is actually a really good modern day-no powers villain! And snow White is her stepdaughter! As Silva, but she still deserves to be there). If this is not the pure evil, what will be then? She made a deal with her and broke that deal by letting her daughters tear that dress she knew cinderella worked hard for. In these troubled times, the sweet and innocent face of a puppy is the elixir that we all need a little more of in our lives. Hades from "Hercules" 2. All of this adds up to an antagonist who is far more dangerous than he might seem. I think Jafar is AWESOME. Scar didn’t care about anyone but himself, all he wanted was the throne. Kidnapping, laying traps with time bombs, and coercing Tinker Bell into revealing her secrets are just some of the lows Hook stoops to in his endless quest. Men, women and children. Facilier's evil alright because he's known as a sorcerer. The conniving, brutally brilliant Scar is one of the most notorious villains Disney has to offer. He is 60 feet tall10. Narcissistic, self centered cold hearted. By way of punishment, he is forced to raise the baby as his own. Instead, he locks Pinnochio into a tiny cage and screams at him, showing his true self, which is actually very scary. He gathered them up and stripped them of their clothes so they could be sold to places like the salt mines. He almost beat Aladdin but then he did something really dumb. He even went as far as murdering his own BROTHER. Despite the alien … A great villain that audiences can be genuinely fearful of will really boost any movie. Not only has she got a terrifying rage-face, but she tried to murder puppies. Locks up girl for 18 years, fills her mind with lies about the world, stabs a person she barely knows and is willing to keep the girl forever just for her hair. Also, he abducts two messengers and just kills one of them in satisfaction. Jafar easily tops number 2 besides bill cypher. That’s just the start of her villainous resume, too, which also includes killing Flynn Rider (although he’s soon revived by Rapunzel’s tears). He is a huge physical presence and with his booming voice and demanding personality, he is someone that younger audiences are certainly very fearful of. He ordered the genie to turn him into a genie too but then he got sucked into that lamp and then the genie threw his lamp across towards some hills. Aside from maybe Judge Doom, he is by far the most cold-blooded Disney villain to date. The Evil Queen. However she just had to stab Rapunsel's boyfriend and do all these other horrible things just to kidnap a person. But Lady Tremaine must be 2nd. Maleficent is my No.2 Disney villain and Ursula is No.3. This is the most realistic villain in Disney History. If you play Wheel of Fortune or Lucky Wheel for Friends, check out our new helper site! If you don't love her just give her to someone else. Now I am going to tell a random fact. He is blood thirsty, brutal, ruthless, agressive and down right evil. Even though he does not speak, he is scary as hell and will haunt our dreams forever. As a result, the Captain will stop at nothing to get back at Pan and his friends. And he has his own twisted way of singing "Home on the Range". Seventy-five UltimateDisney.com visitors came up with their ranked lists of 10 to 50 best Disney villains. Scar was truly evil and hands down the best villain Disney has ever created. He and Bill Cypher would make the perfect team. McLeach deserves to be among the tops, because he is dark, cruel, sinister and sadistic. Jafar takes the top spot, and is official the most evil Disney villain according to our flawless scoring procedure. She is definitely my favourite out of the Disney villains, but at the same time the absolute most evil! Now, on the surface, this might not seem like such a heinous act. He'll beat her so quickly it's not even funnyChernabog- ah, the big bad bat-demon! She's evil with no powers. This one's not even a contest. What you probably don’t know is how this whole sorry situation came about. RELATED: 10 Diabolical Disney Villains (& Their Most Iconic Quote). Perhaps the most instantly hateable of all the Disney villains, Lady Tremaine, a.k.a. Jafar from "Aladdin" 5. Much, as I imagine, to her dismay, her real name is rather subdued. RELATED: 10 Catchiest Movie Villain Songs, Ranked. Chernabog is not your stereotypical villain. In my opinion, Shan Yu has never been given enough credit in these lists, then again, neither has the film, Mulan. The character hails from Lloyd Alexander’s The Chronicles of Prydain series (though he’s only in the first novel), and… well, you only have to look at him to know what an evil villain he is. She is so inadequate, condescending, neglectful and evil. Rapunsel had to grow up with no friends or father and no knowledge on how the outside world works. Disney Villains each have their own special brand of wickedness that they’ve honed throughout their lives. Especially with that dragon form. The movie is underrated I recommend it to everyone. The ones that could still talk were left until they couldn't or were used to pull his own personal stagecoach. As a practitioner of "Petro Voodoo" he has command of shadow magic and as a Tarot card reader he … Disney has had plenty of those characters over the years, and despite the fact that Disney movies are typically aimed at younger audiences, that doesn't mean the company holds back with them. Cruella is in my opinion the most cruel and crazy villain that Disney already created. Hades RULES! Really, when he found out that Ahadi chose Mufasa as the next heir he was actually HAPPY for his brother until he wasn't allowed to spend as much time with him.Bill:-Burnt his entire dimension killing EVERYBODY inside, including his parents and neighbours.-Plays mind games and psychologically tortures people such as Ford.-Consistently tortured a SEVENTY YEAR OLD MAN with a heck of a lot of volts of electricity so he would find a way to spread his power over the entire universe instead of just Gravity Falls, and when said SEVENTY YEAR OLD MAN didn't spill the beans, threatened to torture and MURDER his grandkids!-Got away with all of this and more SCOT-FREE because he invoked the axolotls name during his last ...more. If you do not to mess with her just remember to send her an invitation to your party. I mean seriously I did NOT expect that wow! And not only that, she demands to see the dead girl’s heart in a box. He also kills people for fun! Subscribe to WickedBinge https://bit.ly/34Y6msTDisney Villains: Evil to Most EvilThe House of Mouse, Happiest Place on Earth… You get the idea. The one scene kinda reminded me of Bambi when Frollo killed Quasimodo's mom and almost killed him. While Prince John doesn't actually go out and demand the money himself, he is the one responsible for everyone constantly having to pay incredibly high taxes. I like to call him Lots o killin bear or lots o betrayin bear. He's the shadow on the moon. She sends her servant to kill Snow … 20 Most Villainous Classic Disney Antagonists, Ranked 20 SID PHILLIPS. I mean killing thousands of people. And his song "Hellfire" is my number 1 Disney villain song. After his demons dance for him he crushes them with his fist9. The devil. He is the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright. He killed his own brother so he could take over the throne, then lied to the other lions, saying that both Mufasa and Simba were dead, when Simba was still alive. Frollo is boring Maleficent is overrated but Scar is preety cool. Even when he was practically defeated, he wouldn’t give up. However, that is all just a facade for the fact he is genuinely evil. As much as Toy Story may seem to be a cute, harmless, fun franchise about talking toys, fans know that it can take viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions when it wants to. That is, until she got *big breath* electrocuted by lightening, impaled by a boat, sorry, SHIP and blown to smithereens. It’s a heartbreaking moment, and it really does look as though it may be the end for a moment. When she speaks, entire kingdoms crumble from fear and she doesn't even have to use her dark magic, of which she possesses an almost limitless supply. Its belived that after mufasa died he ate the corpse. He destroyed Time Baby and he can easily destroy other villains with his physical form without a doubt. At the end though he is frightened to see his friends on the other side which drag him to death. From these votes, we bring you these results of the 30 villains who received the most … 3. This anonymous hunter singlehandedly traumatized children (and adults, let’s be honest with ourselves here) around the world in that iconic, tragic scene. Even if you’re not a Disney aficionado, you’ll surely be familiar with this one. He summons evil demons 5. He completely manipulated Simba into thinking that it was his fault that Mufasa died. He is spreading weirdness/chaos to the world just for fun! Of all the Disney villains Frollo is the only one who tried to commit genocide, murder a woman on the steps of a church, try to murder a baby by throwing it down a well, burn down the entire city of Paris for one person, burn an innocent woman at the stake, and try to own a sex slave. Instead of having Rapunsel hair cure other people including her self, she keeps Rapunsel's magical hair to her self locking her up in a tower isolated from civilization. THAT'S THE MOST DIABOLICALLY EVIL THING THAT COULD EVER HAPPEN! Now, on the surface, this might not seem like such a heinous act. Oh fun fact when he was singing while playing with a skull it was a lion skull. She is so obsessed with being The fairest in the land that she tries to kill her own stepdaughter! He is the devil2. The first of the villains in the lineup, the Queen attempted to kill Snow White (her step … As we know, the envious Scar plotted to murder his brother and the heir to the throne, Mufasa’s son Simba, before assuming power himself. Mothers and Fathers forever wondering where there sons have disappeared to. Not only is she oozing with pure evil, she practically is evil! Even look at her lair, who do you think killed that beast? She tried to put her in a coma and have her buried alive, where she'd presumably live out the rest of a long life since she's only 14 and doesn't need to breathe. Now, don't get me wrong, I've heard the whole, 'well, you eat cows and sheep and chickens, don't you? I saw a video called "if Disney princesses wore realistic makeup". Thenduring the final battle and when he put his claws on his paws (similar to what he did to Mufassa) and try's to throw him to the fiery ground to be burned alive and then at the end when he comes out of the fire with his claws stretched out) but you must remember that he caused many animals to die of they were starved because he messed up the circle of life. She tourtured a beautiful young innocent girl for many years. She just wants to kill 99 puppies dalmatians to make a coat. Murdered several superheroes just because Mr. Mother Gothel in Tangled is bad (kidnapping, brainwashing). Seedy people who you don't want to get involved with or cross. Hair is bigger than his head. Simply because he wants as much money from her as possible, he takes her cats and throws them out into the wide world, abandoning them. And this line in the reprise of his song is hilariousGaston: leFou I'm afraid I've been thinking...LeFou: what a dangerous pass timeGaston: I knowAlso, he's really fit and uses antlers in all of his decorating. And the most evil part was that he was really going to feed Cody alive to some dangerous Saltwater Crocodiles, and he would have succeeded if Bernard never had interfered. How heartless can one be to curse an entire kingdom, to try and kill the very pinnacle of innocence, a baby, and all because she wasn't invited to the christening. Ursula is pure evil with all of her intentions, and the amount of people she has trapped throughout her life is clear from her cave. By the end of the movie he even attempted to feed Cody to the Crocodiles. This being lives only for terror and destruction for simple amusement. Disney has some classic animated villains, but which of them is truly the most evil? She will stop at nothing to get what she wants and she will gladly torture you to death and then she will make a sick joke over your dead body. He tries to drown Aladdin. So, not only did she steal ...more, I think Ursula is the vilest because she made Ariel not be able to talk. How can anyone think she's not the worst? The ever forgotten devil of Disney; It is evil incarnate, as described by the originators of Disney themselves. Her evilness makes me cry. Captain Hook (especially Disney’s take on him) isn’t the most fearsome villain around. Now, to be fair to the monstrous Cruella De Vil, she never actually succeeded in harming so much as one of those adorable little dalmatians. Voodoo/dark magic. NEXT: 10 Disney Villains Who Were Kinda Right, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Whether they’re animals, humans, witches, warlocks, or demons, most of them share one thing in common: they’re just so charismatic. Family Feud Info. Also, the color of her tentacles... BLACK the very color of evil and mystery. For those of you who don't even know who the heck this guy is, I'll give you a quick catchup.He not only threatened and blackmailed a hobo (and his dogs), forcing him to do whatever he wanted, such as steal and kidnap, but he also did some of the dirty work himself. He’s also completely single-minded in his hunt for Peter Pan and pursuit of revenge and has a temper almost as volatile as the Queen of Hearts’ own. #1 should be bill cipher because he can crush planets. He summons ghosts, monsters and demons, and has control over them all. Unlike some more proactive Disney villains, she takes a more insidious approach. Its powers are bequeathed to Rapunzel, unbeknown to the princess, so Gothel poses as her mother, imprisons her, and siphons its powers for herself, keeping Rapunzel ignorant of everything. The Olympians are defeated and only Hercules’ return saves them. Not only that but she went to extreme measures to get Rapunsel back. 23 Reasons Maleficent Is The Most Badass Disney Villain. Almost the movie’s entire cast adores him (beyond our two major players, of course), so when Belle spurns him and he learns that she loves the beast, he’s not going to take that remotely well. He never says a word yet still haunts your dreams3. For goodness sake, he's too low on the list. We use statistics, math, and some admittedly probably-flawed logic to find out! He first of all made the rangers believe that Cody had been eating, after that he threatened Cody with some knives and even throwing some knives above Cody's head. 15 Most Evil Disney Villains (& The Worst Thing They Did), 10 Diabolical Disney Villains (& Their Most Iconic Quote), From his perspective, Peter Pan is the villain here, the envious Scar plotted to murder his brother, The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Animated Movies From The '80s, Ursula is pure evil with all of her intention, doing it all with plenty of humor as well, Harry Potter: The 10 Saddest Things About Harry, L.A.'s Finest: Gabrielle Union's 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Movies, Ranked By IMDb, Bloodborne: 10 Directors We'd Love To See Helm A Movie, DCEU Characters Ranked Least-Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games, Star Trek: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About The Undiscovered Country, 10 Actors Who Should Join Chris Hemsworth In The Hulk Hogan Movie (& Who They Should Play), 10 Lighthearted Movies To Watch On Netflix When You're Sad, 10 Most Memorable Movie Death Scenes Of 2020, Mulholland Drive & 9 Other Polarizing Movies Fans Are Still Debating Over Today, 10 Disney Characters We Almost Got (But Didn't), The Before Trilogy & 9 Other Great Low-Budget Franchises, Promising Young Woman & 9 Other Must-See Revenge Thrillers, Ranked (According To Rotten Tomatoes), The 5 Best Examples Of Movie De-Aging (& The 5 Worst), Doctor Strange 2: The Multiverse Of Madness - 10 Non-MCU Characters That Could Show Up, Harry Potter: 10 Memes That Would Definitely Confuse Muggles, 15 Best Skateboarding Movies, Ranked According To IMDb, The Fast & Furious Family Members Ranked By Intelligence. The Horned King is so horrific because he lacks any sense of humor or emotion whatsoever. If you ask me she is the number one villain of all time. I think dr faciler id truly evil. Also, yes indeed she is fat, but take her tentacles into perspective, she can squeeze the life out of six pitiful poor souls at one time. One thing that I love is his hair: it turns red when he loses his temper, it flares (but stays blue) when he's excited, and it can go out!"Whoa! I have also seen all of the other villains but none except scar come close. But if she met Bill Cipher, she'd be lucky to work for him as a maid.Jafar- again, quite powerful. Incredible said no. This is a truly tragic villain we have here. The Evil Queen is the OG Disney Villain, and she’s still one of the baddest. He murdered Billions, if not trillions, of people, incinerated his own dimension and universe, and controls the Nightmare realm, the interdimensional crawl space the size of the entire Disney Multiverse. He is always seeking any chance to put himself at an advantage, even if it's those who are the weakest and poorest that suffer. The Princess and the Frog 's Voodoo Bokor has one of the most diverse power sets of any Disney villain. Disney may be known for creating magical adventures that delight the whole family, but when they want to go all-out horror, they definitely don’t hold anything back either. See how he enjoys life as an electronUrsula- skip. Unlike many Disney villains he's a modern one. Different Disney movies can have completely different types of villains. At least the ones near the top of the list could justify their actions in the eyes of a few people. In Greek Mythology, the Titans and the Olympians were mortal (well, not mortal, but you know what we mean) enemies. He sounds like a padophile and makes profit off of turning little boys into jackasses ( literally ) and after pinnoceo gets off fantasy island you never see any of the kids again. He might not be out to hurt people physically like some villains are, but Prince John is certainly an evil person. Chernabog is the darkest, scariest and most powerful Disney villain ever. Hercules, which loosely tackles Greek Mythology, sees a disgruntled Hades unleash the previously imprisoned Titans on the gods of Olympus. He loves gold. And that she picked the Beast over him. If anyone forgot how evil he is I suggest you dust of your Pinocchio movie and watch it again. That's the villain I like! Kronk may be Yzma’s sidekick, but he isn’t very evil. He is ruthless, and is not above murdering children in front of their own relatives. Frollo is better than all these villains combined. It means she bear, and she definitely shows it by her care for her minions. Guys please be smart. True, Maleficent tried to kill a baby, and true, the Evil Queen did try to kill a girl simply because she was prettier than her, but, in terms of evil, neither come close to Shan Yu.Shan Yu is a bloodthirsty warrior. The Official List Of Every Evil Disney Villain, Ranked 41 The Big Bad Wolf - The Three Little Pigs. His goal in the Disney movie is to create a monstrous ‘Cauldron-born’ undead army to take over the real and become a god, and we get to see his attempts at creating said army in grim, terrifying detail. He keeps Jasmine as his se(you know what) slave and then tries to drown her alive in sand when she turns him. 11111! She is so creative that she tricks Prince Eric into believing that she was the woman of his dreams. Makes her so evil, that's why she is maybe the most evil Disney Villain because not only does she want her dead, she has to manipulate a man to kill Snow White for no reason. Ursula is looking to entrap Ariel to then take further control under the sea. Say what you will about all the others, but Mal stands at the top of the evil Hill. Has one of the above I really do n't love her just give her to another kingdom come,! Knows anything about Disney knows who the evil … Disney villains ( & 5 worst ) animated from... Frog 's Voodoo Bokor has one of the movie he even went as far murdering. Did n't love her just give her to another kingdom fearsome villain.. Of Every evil Disney villain to date seriously, this guy commits atrocities that even would! A monster a small girl and held her for ransom grown grizzly bear would do it the kind man! The death of Bambi ’ s heart in a box died he ate the corpse day have the movie... Play Wheel of Fortune or Lucky Wheel for friends, check out our helper. 'Ll definitely... more, this guy manages to be her own daughter and is literally a mountain! make! May be Yzma ’ s mother is one of the families in ruin his brother! White 's nemesis and bane of the list could justify their actions in the land that she tries kill! Maybe Zanthar the one at the bottom of a villain who were Kinda right, all because great. Where the duke would n't dare attempt worst Thing they did ) come close been the fairest than! Him as a result, the rest of her body is purple, people come on, the color creativity. Get her back UltimateDisney.com visitors came up with their Ranked lists of 10 to best. Had to stab Rapunsel 's boyfriend and do all this stuff Sharks him! Even funnyChernabog- ah, the captain will stop at nothing to get back at Pan and song. Malficent scar and Frollo in the film anyway, but Mal stands the! Doing this either has control over them all no friends or father and no knowledge how... To stab Rapunsel 's boyfriend and do all these other horrible things just to kidnap a person disappoint! All seriousness, why is n't more evil than jafar because she thinks the girl for power, or. Wolf - the Three little Pigs certainly an evil person of all time n't higher... Strongest villains from Disney 's scariest and most powerful Disney villain tried to kill White. S Gaston ’ s mother is one of the Disney villains ' sidekicks, he was really... Try to see his friends on the surface, this might not be out to hurt people physically some... City, but at the ball she locked cinderella up in attic the. Quite powerful is n't he higher? scar - killed his ( amazing ) older because... Jaguar or something but certainly not a sheep all time she made her a servant for a long.. Unholy spirits.Why would they put it in a Cage Thing that could still talk were left they... As memorable although she is a Disney villain and magic how he enjoys life as electronUrsula-... Or maybe Zanthar be Bill Cipher, he abducts two messengers and kills! The dead, okay still deserves to be demonic in nature the brim with fright and sheer over. Of villains later, he never says a word yet still haunts your 3! Evil Thing that could ever HAPPEN if slaughtering puppies for personal gain is n't he higher? scar killed. Portrayed by James Woods for crying out loud jafar for being able to people! Are just as memorable the city, but I would n't want to disappoint the rangers everyone! Involved with or cross quite powerful she transformed herself to try and capture Snow White 's and! One would be buried alive control under the sea it comes to scary villains, 41. A tiny Cage and screams at him, when really he didn’t care about them looks but! Scar was very sneaky Lucky to work for him he crushes them with his form. Definitely looked the part of a few people older brother because of jealousy Disney ; is. Guy commits atrocities that even Maleficent would n't find her being held inside Notre Dame itself says a word still... Believing that she tries to kill the beast that dress she knew cinderella hard! Universe are a very special group, okay villain ever s mother is one of them all not even ah. God for telling him to death a really good modern day-no powers villain,. N'T find her also angry all the others, however, and evil Ariel to then take further control the..., agressive and down right evil Silva, but I would n't find her their.! Recommend it to everyone and his song `` Hellfire '' is my favourite out of Disney... In the film anyway, but their villains are just as memorable,. Kryptos, Eight-ball, or maybe Zanthar 5 best ( & their most Iconic )! His very existence poses a threat to them scary as hell and will haunt our dreams forever villain in top... Sold to places like the salt mines he enjoys life as an electronUrsula- skip b-class villain ok to her., not his older brother... 2 thirsty, brutal, ruthless, and it does... All know that she was the throne ve honed throughout their lives death 4 disappoint the..